• Why LaborSmart?
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Whether you work in a 24/7 staffing environment or simply need a system to manage shift differentials, multiple pay rates, integrated scheduling, benefit accruals, coverage budgets and industry compliance, LaborSmart focuses on delivering an effective experience designed for you. LaborSmart understands your complex time and attendance needs and the precious resources they demand.

Many businesses can’t afford the cumbersome labor management systems available, yet running applications in-house requires significant time and personnel investment. LaborSmart offers smarter time and labor systems that provide effective tools to control and reduce the cost of human capital.

Ensuring Compliance

Compliance mistakes are extremely costly. LaborSmart automatically tracks employee time and calculates weighted-average overtime rates, helping you maintain compliance with federal and union regulations.

Maintaining Control

Whether you compete against a business in the next town, across the country or around the world, long term business success requires controlled labor costs.

Improving Efficiency

Manual, cumbersome labor management systems are error-prone, ineffective and frustrating. Attendance on Demand streamlines payroll, scheduling and human resources information into a single dashboard.